Tuesday, December 01, 2020
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Macrocilix maia

Recorded at The Nest, Maxwell's Hill, Malaysia

Many moths exhibit mimicry for protection against predators and this Macrocilix seems to be having a design to do just that. It looks very much like 2 red-eye flies focusing on the patch of poop or liquid. I would imagine that a predator might be dissuaded from the flies which, due to their speed, do not present an easy meal. Or even if it does fancy attacking, the predator would hit the less vital part of the moth that is its wings and not the abdomen or head giving the moth a higher chance of survival. 

Macrocilix maiap




Spider Monkey in Costa Rica

Latest capture by Chin Hock in Costa Rican rainforest. I wonder why this monkey needs a prehensile tail when it can swing without one.


Saltwater Crocs of Singapore

Two 2m plus crocs came out to play today (22Feb'14). Easy to spot them from the main bridge of Sungei Buloh.

Tame tiger shrike in Bukit Tinggi Japanese Village

Find this photogenic shrike at the Plant Nursery at the Japanese Village.




The Banded Broadbill

The Dusky Leaf-monkey


Wild Pictograph

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Creature Feature

It's been a wonderful Christmas 2013 with family all around; even better now with the sighting of this pair of adult Siamangs at the Botanical garden of the Japanese Village, Bukit Tinggi.


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